The Agency: A Spy in the House By Y.S. Lee

This book starts with the a mischievous main character named Mary Quinn. Although you may find out through the book that she is hiding her true identity. This book is very well written in Victorian style for the time period that this book takes place. Y.S. Lee very nicely inserted many morals. Mary is very down to earth and realistic unlike many other young woman in the book. You may say she is " Exotic ". This masterpiece has many elements that a good book must include in my opinion: Humor, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Romance, etc. This has many secrets and some codes. It does have a few mature scenes other than that fabulous. The characters are well described by their dialogue rather than narration.The book is told by Mary's perspective which is interesting and clichè.  Perhaps another character's perspective would make it a bit more unique and clever.